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The Quitters Playbook Will Help You To…

Change Yourself

Quit bad habits, do the internal work to find fulfilment and happiness.

Change Your Relationships

Spend more quality time with you spouse/partner and be more present with your kids.

Change your Career

Quit the job you feel stuck in, change careers or start a new business.

Ian Lobas

Transformation Awaits

Meet Your Coaches

The founders of The Quitters Club, Ian Lobas, Aaron Velky, Pat Hiban, and Tim Rhode, are all Quitters. Each of them left a successful career to build a life that they could be proud of, one that made them happy and offered a sense of


We believe that quitting is an important part of happiness and creating the life that you desire – where you can be the most authentic version of yourself, do work that matters, and create the family and friendships you desire.

You might have to quit your old habits, your unfulfilling work, or the patterns of self-sabotage. And we’re here to help you find success in your new life, with tools, masterminds and coaching that powers you through your biggest life change yet.

Aaron Velky
Aaron Velky

Praise for The Quitters Club

The process, the community, and the way things are coming together for me in a slow steady great pace is making a huge difference in my life.


My wife said I seem happier. I feel happier. She also said that when I talk to her I sound like I care more. When I compliment her it sounds like I really mean it.


I’m still figuring out the details of my future self, but I already feel so incredibly aligned with that future self I’m identifying. This is some powerful shit!


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